Saint John XXIII Roman Catholic School is the largest K-8 community-centered school in the Diocese of Phoenix. St. John XXIII is dedicated to nurturing the growth of its students in a Catholic faith-based academic environment where each student’s unique qualities are recognized in a Christ-centered atmosphere.

Students are encouraged to be life-long learners and active Christian leaders during their time at St. John XXIII and after they graduate and go on to high school. Up to 99% of students who attend Catholic high school graduate and 97% go on to higher education or military service.

Hard-working students with unparalleled technology

Established in 1999, St. John XXIII is led by principal Preston Colao. The school serves 620 students from kindergarten through eighth grade. Taught by an inspiring faculty, this large student body receives high-quality academic attention and support.

In fact, in 2012, St. John XXIII established the first 1:1 paperless elementary iPad program in the state of Arizona with over 700 total devices currently used on campus daily. From the Class of 2014 onward, the students at St. John XXIII have averaged in the 94th percentile on their ITBS Complete Composite scores, placing them in the top 6% of students taking the exam throughout the world.

Up to 90% of faculty at St. John XXIII has at least five years of experience in education and Catholic schools and 86% have a master’s degree or higher. The school was awarded U.S. Congressional Recognition Awards for Most Innovative Educational Program in the State of Arizona.

Community-driven dedication

Students are involved in regular service projects and field trips to support their local communities both in and outside the Diocese of Phoenix. A total of 33 Catholic Community Foundation High School Scholarships were awarded to students in the last six years for outstanding community service. In just three years, middle school students participated in over 25,000 community service hours.

Support St. John XXIII students

St. John XXIII is the only Diocese of Phoenix elementary school in the valley to meet 100% of families’ financial need requests through Catholic Education Arizona. Catholic Education Arizona makes it possible for students from different economic backgrounds to receive a Catholic education in a positive, community and faith-focused academic environment.

Support St. John XXIII Catholic School students with an Individual Tax Credit or Corporate Tax Credit!  Last year $16.4 million in individual and corporate tax credit donations was made to assist nearly half of Arizona’s Catholic school students. Since 1998, over $268 million in tuition scholarships has been awarded to 138,000 students. Learn more about how CEA is Changing Lives One Scholarship at a Time at or call 602-218-6542.