The quality of a child’s education is one of the most influential parts of their upbringing. Not only does their school teach them academic basics, but it also instills important values that will shape their lives. At St. Louis the King Catholic School, children are enveloped in a Gospel-centered environment in which they can grow in their faith while being challenged intellectually.

Established in 1965, St. Louis the King Catholic School has 245 students and 14 teachers. The average class size is 25 students, and students from prekindergarten through grade 8 attend St. Louis the King. The school welcomes children from all backgrounds and religious beliefs, accounting for some of the 18.7% of Catholic school students who are not Catholic. Joseph Zielinski is the current Principal of St. Louis the King Catholic School, leading the staff in providing a high-quality Catholic education in a Gospel-centered environment with an emphasis on caring for the whole child.

Teaching Students to C.A.R.E.

At St. Louis the King Catholic School, the learning expectations are that students will live by the acronym C.A.R.E. This stands for:

  • Christian Witness: As a Christian witness, students know the basics of the teachings, liturgy, and Scripture of the Church and participate during prayers, Sacraments, and liturgies. Students are also expected to serve others in the Catholic tradition.
  • Active Learner: As an Active Learner, students are self-motivated to always do their best, strive for academic excellence, apply critical thinking and problem-solving strategies, and use resources effectively.
  • Responsible Leader/Citizen: As a Responsible Leader/Citizen, students are expected to make good moral choices, respect themselves and others, be aware of social justice issues, and demonstrate concern for others and the greater world.
  • Effective Communicator: As an Effective Communicator, students are taught to work cooperatively with their peers, use oral and written communication skills, and apply appropriate social skills.

When taken all together, these skills help prepare children to be successful in the 21st century. After their time at St. Louis the King Catholic School, children can effectively continue their Catholic education in high school and bring the skills and values they learned into their community.

Enriching Students’ Lives with Education and Extracurriculars

St. Louis the King Catholic School recognizes parents as the primary educator in a child’s life and strives to support parents by helping prepare students to meet the world’s demands. In addition to its core curriculum, the school offers special area classes that include Spanish, Computers, Physical Education, and Music. It also has an Accelerated Reading program, in which students can check out books and other reading material from the school library and take quizzes to boost reading comprehension.

In combination with extracurricular activities, these specialized classes help highlight the unique talents that God has given to each child. There are 18 extracurriculars at St. Louis the King Catholic School, including soccer programs, band, drama, choir, sign language, student council, robotics, and more. Students can find an extracurricular activity for almost any interest or talent that they have.

St. Louis the King Catholic School is one of the 37 schools in the Diocese of Phoenix that receives funds from the Arizona Private Education Tax Credit through Catholic Education Arizona (CEA). These tax credits fund scholarships to help underserved children get a high-quality Catholic education at no expense to them. To learn more about how to direct a portion of your state taxes to CEA and help students at schools like St. Louis the King Catholic School, contact CEA today at 602 218-6542 or visit