In 2019, 56.6 million students attended elementary, middle, and high schools across the United States. One of the biggest wishes of the families of those students is that their children get an excellent education. At St. Timothy Catholic School in Mesa, AZ, students receive a high-quality education as well as an immersion in the Catholic faith.

The mission of St. Timothy Catholic School is to form every student in the image and likeness of Christ through teaching Gospel values and promoting academic excellence. Established in 2001, St. Timothy Catholic School teaches children in preschool through Grade 8. Currently 253 students attend St. Timothy with one class per grade level, fostering a strong sense of community and belonging. Maureen Vick is the principal of the school and Angela Rice is the Preschool Director.

Living the Catholic Faith

St. Timothy Catholic School is celebrating 20 years of Catholic education. As an institution dedicated to providing children with a high-quality Catholic education, Christ is at the center of everything that the staff, teachers, and students do at the school. The teachers and staff take time to understand the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs of each student. They then facilitate the learning necessary to meet those needs. The teachers and staff at St. Timothy Catholic School also take the steps to enrich students with a deeper faith and understanding of the values and traditions of the Catholic faith.

As a school dedicated to Christ, families, and meeting the needs of the whole child, St. Timothy Catholic School is dedicated to helping everyone in the community live the Catholic faith through communal prayers, suggested readings, and celebrating traditions.

Promoting Academic Excellence

At St. Timothy Catholic School, students have a comprehensive and relevant curriculum. In addition to foundational school subjects, St. Timothy Catholic School offers classes in music, Spanish, physical education, computers, and technology. This curriculum helps students experience a well-rounded education and sets them up for academic success for the rest of their lives. While students are educated in these areas, teachers and staff encourage students to practice self-discipline, self-respect, and respect for others. With these teachings at the core of their education, St. Timothy students receive the tools they need to live fully.

As one of the 37 schools in the Diocese of Phoenix, St. Timothy Catholic School receives funds from the Arizona Private Education Tax Credit through Catholic Education Arizona (CEA). The money from the tax credit funds scholarships to help underserved children get a high-quality Catholic education at no expense to them. To learn more about how to direct a portion of your state taxes to CEA and help students at schools like St. Timothy Catholic School, contact CEA today at 602 218-6542 or visit