Last year, over $151,000 was contributed to quality education through CEA’s Employer Matching Gift program, a record setting year for Arizona employees, retirees, and CEA! As the program gains momentum and popularity among concerned taxpayers who recognize that all students should have access to the education best suited for their unique needs, businesses are participating at higher rates to expand their corporate philanthropic efforts and help develop their future work force. You can help us to have another record year for matching gifts by checking to see if your contribution is eligible to be matched and completing the form!

The George Family is a scholarship recipient from CEA and says, “We have spent much time in prayer asking for a way we can provide this education to our son. CEA has been an answer to those prayers.” Their 6-year-old son added, “I want to thank everyone that helped my Mom and Dad pay for my school. It’s special to me to learn about God and have fun. I feel safe and loved by my whole school.”

The White family also expressed their gratitude by saying, “You have many options or ways to help people, but helping children reach their educational dreams is truly a lifetime gift. Thank you for your contribution to CEA, as it reaches so many kids.” Their student followed with, “I believe education with Catholic instruction makes me a stronger student. This chance to attend Catholic school gives me the possibility to pursue my dreams and help those in need as I grow and mature.”

These testimonials are just two examples of the hundreds that we receive in thanks for the tax credit opportunities and matching gift programs which aligns with CEA’s mission to provide scholarships to underserved children, serve society, and transform culture.

Knowing that you helped an Arizona child receive quality education is rewarding and changes lives, improves families and strengthens communities!

To double your impact and help more families like the George’s and the White’s, visit CEA’s website. Here you can determine if your employer will match your tax credit contribution, complete the matching gift form and help change a child’s life!

If you have any further questions, please contact your HR representative, call our office at 602-218-6542 or email us at

Working together, we will continue to change lives one scholarship at a time!