At Catholic Education Arizona, we change lives one scholarship at a time. We’ve been helping families obtain a quality Catholic education for 24 years, thanks to generous supporters of the Arizona Tax Credits in our community.

Nationally, approximately 2 million children attended Catholic schools in 2016 and were able to learn important leadership skills combined with their prescribed courses of study. If you’re looking for a way to maximize your tax dollars and invest in education, there are several simple and easy ways to get involved with Catholic Education Arizona.

Make Your Tax Dollars Count with Payroll Deductions

In Arizona, you have a unique opportunity to make your tax dollars count and invest in Catholic education. If you pay Arizona state taxes, you can direct a portion of your taxes to Catholic Education Arizona and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against what you owe. Simply complete the A4-C form and turn it into your employer. With the option of tax credits through payroll deduction, you can support education and make a lasting impact in our state.

If you’re an employee anywhere in the Diocese of Phoenix, you can take your tax credits without changing your take-home pay! You can find more information and the forms you need on our website or by calling our office.

Make a Lasting Change with Scheduled Pay

Would you like to make monthly or bi-monthly payments with your debit or credit card and avoid making a one-time contribution for your tax credit? Scheduled Pay allows you to make smaller payments each month, when it is most convenient for you. You can sign up for Scheduled Pay! on our website, or we can also help you set up your schedule contributions over the phone.

Don’t forget that tax credits are stackable! That means you can direct your taxes to multiple charities to maximize your generosity and make a difference for the people and programs that mean the most to you.  You can create scholarships and receive a tax credit with CEA, help those in foster care, the underserved or veterans with Catholic Charities (QCO Code 20345), or even support your favorite extra-curricular program in an Arizona public school.  Other dollar-for-dollar tax credit options are available through the Foundation for Senior Living (QCO Code 20199) and St. Vincent de Paul Society for the Diocese of Phoenix (QCO Code 20540) as well.

Support Catholic Education Today

Help Catholic Education Arizona continue our mission of providing scholarships to change lives, serve society and transform culture. Directing your tax dollars through one-time payment, payroll deduction or Scheduled Pay is quick, easy, and convenient. Most of all, you will help make dreams become realities for Arizona families.  To learn more, Visit or call us at 602 218-6542.