Welcome back!  Two relatively small words that mean such a great deal to our schools.  Welcome back to the 2021-2022 school year.  A lot has happened in the last 16 months; more than most of us could have ever dreamt of.  We continue to face many challenges with the pandemic, but we do it in a spirit of hope and trust in the Lord.  There is no better place to ensure our children’s focus on Christ than in our Catholic Schools.

My congratulations to our Catholic school educators for forging through the 2020-2021 school year with such determination and faith.  There were challenges around every corner, but our principals, teachers, school staff, students and families rose to those challenges.  This year, despite the continuing pandemic, we journey forward ensuring our children receive the very best Catholic education possible.  Our supporters are needed now more than ever to provide families with a Catholic education, and we thank everyone who has contributed to CEA to make it a reality for these families.

Thank you to the Arizona Legislature, Governor, and all those who championed the new additions to the state’s School Tuition Organization program.  There are now more opportunities for families to choose a Catholic education in Arizona including those moving to Arizona, homeschoolers, and those transitioning out of the Empowerment Scholarship Program as they head to high school.  We will also see a significant increase in our disabled/displaced STO category to support students with special learning needs or foster children.  Our friends at Catholic Education Arizona are here to support our families as they navigate these new additions.

Catholic Education Arizona has been and continues to be a true partner in support of Catholic education. They make it possible for thousands of families to be able to choose a Catholic education for their children, but this cannot happen without the generous support of our friends in Arizona who pay taxes.  If you are an annual giver to CEA, thank you.  Please continue to take advantage of the dollar-for-dollar tax credit program.  If you have given in the past but have not participated lately, please consider directing your state tax dollars to CEA to help a family afford a Catholic education.  It is quick, easy and our friends at CEA are willing and able to help with your contribution.  Please help a family today.

May our Lord Jesus Christ walk with us this year as we begin the 2021-2022 school year.

Domonic Salce
Superintendent of Catholic Schools