Catholic education is a stepping stone to success.  It hones excellence and shapes attitudes as well as values in children.  The successes of Catholic school graduates, in part, is due to the learned value of a strong work ethic coupled with strong academic preparation.  Catholic schools also teach children to recognize, develop, and use their God-given talents to impact and improve the world around them.  These are reasons why plenty of corporations match the tax credit contribution of their employees to support Catholic education.

The Success of Catholic Schools

Education is linked to economic empowerment. It gives disadvantaged children a chance for a brighter future. Research points out that Catholic schools are able to improve not just test scores but the graduation rates of underserved youth. The school’s commitment to pursuing academic excellence as well as imparting spiritual and moral values improve the future economic prospects of their students.

Why That Success Matters

Companies are only as great as the teams behind them. That’s why it is in the best interest of organizations to support schools that can deliver top talent in their industries. With Catholic schools producing graduates of high caliber and strong work ethic, businesses are also becoming aware of the benefits of Catholic education. Matching the tax credit contributions of their employees is one way for them to demonstrate their support and continue to produce strong graduates.

The Tax Credit Program

Catholic Education Arizona allows corporations to direct their tax credit to both the Catholic Education Arizona general tuition fund, or a specific Catholic school. As a non-profit organization, the goal of CEA is to provide tuition scholarships to qualifying students who want a Catholic education.

Change a life! Reach out to the Catholic Education Arizona to ask how you can direct your tax credits and control where they go.