PHOENIX, AZ (March 6, 2020) — Many people don’t get excited about April 15 tax deadlines, or June 30 corporate commitments, but Catholic Education Arizona does. They are a School Tuition Organization serving the Diocese of Phoenix 38 Catholic schools. Arizona is one of about 17 states that have a tax credit legislation. This tax legislation allows individuals and corporations to direct their tax dollars and provides the choice in the form of the tuition scholarships for the underserved students.

Nancy Padberg, President and CEO of Catholic Education Arizona, shared, “We are grateful we can assist so many students to become future leaders. Our schools emphasize academic excellence, provide a safe and welcoming environment and instill in students the value of service to others.”

April 15 is important to tax payers as individuals have the option to direct their tax liability through Arizona’s Private Education Tax Credit legislation that was passed in 1997. Several ways to contribute include, one-time payment, monthly contributions through Catholic Education Arizona or through payroll deductions. Some companies offer a Match program as well.

June 30 is the corporate tax commitment deadline. Since 2006, Corporations filing as an S or C Corp, LLCs filing as an S Corp and insurance companies that pay premium tax can direct up to 100% of their state tax liability to Low Income and recently Disabled/Displaced scholarships through Catholic Education Arizona. This is a tax credit, not a donation. Catholic Education Arizona partners with large companies such as APS, GCU, Sprouts, Earnhardt Auto Centers and BBVA to small firms such as attorneys, dentists and general contractors.

“The investment made in children that attend Catholic schools is one of both local and global impact. Knowing the great men and women Catholic school students become makes taking the private education tax credit a win-win,” stated Colleen McCoy-Cejka, Director of Strategic Partnerships.

The Diocese of Phoenix Catholic High Schools boast:

  • 99% graduation rate
  • 97% of graduates matriculate to higher education or military service
  • 1000s of hours of community service are conducted annually

“We are blessed to live in the state that led the nation in tax credit legislation that provides affordability and accessibility for all families that desire a quality, Catholic education for their children. Our schools strive to develop the unique needs of the whole child on a daily basis, and with your help, we are making today’s children tomorrow’s leaders!” said Deb Preach, Chief Development Officer.

Catholic Education Arizona is the largest provider of scholarships to underserved families attending private schools. FY22 they will provide Disabled/Displaced Scholarships for students. Last year $18.3 million in tax credit contributions were made to assist 45% of Arizona’s Catholic school students. Since 1998, over $235 million in tuition scholarships has been awarded to 125,000 families. Changing lives one scholarship at a time. 602-218-6542

Contact: Debra Preach, Chief Development Officer

Catholic Education Arizona

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