Back to School is upon CEA for the 25th Year!

Working in this industry brings back fond memories of all things back-to-school!  The uniform purchases, supply shopping and book covering (wow, that really dates me) were always met with excitement and anticipation for a year filled with possibility.    This year, we are faced with new and exciting times as our faith brings us together as we pray for the creation of complex thinkers, faith followers, effective communicators and life-long learners.  We are beyond blessed to welcome Bishop John Dolan as the 5th Bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix and look forward to his leadership!  I was fortunate to attend his Installation and was brought to tears by his proposals to be good, be love and be blessed.  Challenging as it can be in our world today, with Bishop Dolan as our guide, I believe the future is bright for all.  Special thanks to Bishop Olmsted for his guidance for the past 19 years.  Our best wishes for your continued health and happiness, and we hope to see you often on our journeys!

As we at CEA begin our 25th year of attending school events and working with families desiring a quality education that best meets their child’s needs, may we have gratitude for the tax credits that make this educational dream a reality for thousands. Let’s do all we can to educate our individual and corporate taxpayers on the tremendous gifts we have been given by our Arizona legislators, and remember that together, WE ARE CREATING FUTURE LEADERS!

We look forward to seeing you at parishes and schools and wish the very best for all in the new school year!