Catholic Education Arizona’s main goal is to create future leaders through healthy culture, respect, and trust in one another. Quality education should be accessible and affordable to all those who desire it and through your tax dollars, Catholic Education Arizona can help achieve this.

What is the Foundation for Senior Living?

Quality of life shouldn’t be limited to any age and that is what Tami Bohannon is striving for with an integrative system of care. The Foundation for Senior Living was established in 1974 and has recently changed the title to simply “FSL” as their service includes adults of all ages. Their mission is based on four crucial pillars of aging care. These pillars are safe homes, nutritious meals, health and wellness, and caregiver support.

Care by Design

Bohannon encourages anyone who has questions about caregiving to contact FSL’s Care by Design program. They are well-knowledges, and eager to listen and direct you to the proper resources to meet your needs. It is estimated that by 2050, more than 90 million people will be 65 years of age and older, so it is essential that caregivers have the resources they need to care for their loved ones.

Affordable Housing Crisis

In Arizona, there is currently a shortage of affordable housing, which FSL aims to change through its innovative programs. Affordable housing is defined as a residential environment not exceeding 30% of an annual income. Currently, Arizona needs thousands of housing units to meet its need. Organizations including FSL are working to provide safe and affordable homes so individuals may age independently and remain healthy.

Stacking Your Tax Credits

Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) and the Foundation for Senior Living (FSL) are certified by the Arizona Department of Revenue to accept tax credit contributions. Individuals may “stack” their tax credits to support more than one cause to maximize their charitable giving, making a positive impact on multiple ages and needs.

Serving your community has never been easier or more important! Give CEA a call today for more information!