Lance Venable, Owner of the Law Office of Lance C. Venable, PLLC, Talks Foundational Catholic Education as the Impetus for Success in Life, Career, and Faith as a Catholic School Graduate, Parent, and CEA Corporate Partner

2022-06-24T09:13:35-07:00June 24th, 2022|Podcasts|

Registered Patent Attorney Lance Venable has lived in Arizona for 35 years and has practiced law in the Valley for 25 of those years. Having left his previous workplace in 2014 to start his own operation, he takes charge as a business owner and takes advantage of available tax credits [...]

Cande de Leon, Exec. Director of the Office of Mission Advancement for the Diocese of Phoenix Clarifies Tax Credit and Charitable Giving Through CEA and CDA With Nancy Padberg, MBA, President & CEO, CEA

2022-06-17T08:54:31-07:00June 17th, 2022|Podcasts|

Cande de Leon, Executive Director of the Office of Mission Advancement for the Diocese of Phoenix had many important matters to discuss with Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) President and CEO, Nancy Padberg. The first was to illuminate listeners on the difference between CEA and CDA — acronyms commonly confused for [...]

Cynthia Scheller Shares Her Life Experiences in Catholic Education and How Stewardship and Tax Credit Scholarships Keep Every Seat Filled

2022-06-10T08:16:18-07:00June 10th, 2022|Podcasts|

Cynthia Scheller does everything that she can in her role as Principal of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School to ensure that every student wanting a Catholic education has the opportunity to apply for the funds to receive one. She is passionate about her community and getting people involved where they [...]

Miranda Maciel Encourages Families Seeking Quality Catholic Education to Explore Bourgade and Learn About CEA’s Support to Make Catholic Education Possible With Colleen

2022-05-27T10:24:14-07:00May 27th, 2022|Podcasts|

Miranda Maciel, Director Of Admissions and Marketing at Bourgade Catholic High School, felt that her Catholic education was such a gift that she returned to her alma mater — Bourgade Catholic School — to teach. Now, she works for the school as the Director of Marketing and Admissions, helping potential [...]

Paul Mulligan, President & CEO at Catholic Charities of Arizona Discusses Stacking Tax Credits to Impact More Lives with Nancy Padberg, MBA, President & CEO of CEA

2022-05-20T08:39:02-07:00May 20th, 2022|Podcasts|

Paul Mulligan takes a walk down memory lane on Catholic Education Arizona's podcast, Creating Future Leaders, with current CEA President and CEO, Nancy Padberg. He discusses roles he had in both the Navy and the Catholic charity sector, as well as how he met his lovely wife. He touches on [...]

Matthew Gonzales, MBA, Director of Admissions & Marketing at St. John Paul II Catholic High School in Avondale Discusses the Uniqueness of Catholic Education and Making It All Possible with Tax Credit Scholarships

2022-05-13T09:47:09-07:00May 13th, 2022|Podcasts|

Serving as the Director of Admissions and Marketing at St. John Paul II Catholic High School, Matthew Gonzalez works with parents and children from all walks of life who are passionate about Catholic education. According to Statista, in 2019, approximately 13.5% of Arizona's population was living beneath the poverty line. [...]

Kevin Strayton of FAIR Discusses the Power of the Tax Credit Program in Arizona and the Scholarship Application Process

2022-05-06T10:24:34-07:00May 6th, 2022|Podcasts|

Coming from a background in finance and accounting, Kevin Strayton understands how great of a need there is for financial assistance when it comes to Catholic education. Strayton worked with companies like AT&T Wireless before realizing that he wanted his career to be more centered on helping those who want [...]

Father Fred Adamson, Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia for the Diocese of Phoenix, Shares the Importance of His Perspectives on Catholic Education

2022-04-15T08:00:27-07:00April 15th, 2022|Podcasts|

Having served the Diocese of Phoenix for the last 17 years, Father Fred Adamson dedicates his life to helping people grow their relationships with Christ. Coming from a background in the healthcare industry, he empathizes with the hardships that individuals face daily and seeks to offer peace of mind in [...]

Jacqueline Kennedy, Director of Recruitment for St. Mary’s Catholic High School in Phoenix, Shares the Rich History and Impact of the Oldest Catholic High School in Arizona and How Different Arizona Is Than Other States When It Comes to Catholic School

2022-04-11T11:10:39-07:00April 8th, 2022|Podcasts, Press|

{podcast} While we love to celebrate long-time Arizona residents, it's always wonderful to recognize those who have chosen to live here — individuals who've seen what else is out there and decided to call Arizona home. Jacqueline Kennedy, the director of recruitment for St. Mary's Catholic High School in Phoenix, [...]

Rose Defer, Development Director for St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, Talks Expansion Projects, Pandemic Adjustments, Faith, Family Support, and Affordability with Tax Credit Scholarships with Colleen McCoy-Cejka, Dir. of Partnerships at CEA

2022-03-18T08:40:32-07:00March 18th, 2022|Podcasts|

{podcast} Rose Defer, the Development Director for St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, serves as proof of the good that a Catholic education can do. Having gone to Catholic schools in her youth, she describes feeling blessed that she can professionally serve the community that she grew up in. She [...]