In this podcast episode, Deb Preach and Nancy Padberg of Catholic Education Arizona talk with Jeff Mirasola about working with CEA and directing tuition tax credits. Jeff works for Lumen Technologies, a Bell operating company. Following a twenty-year career in broadcasting, he and his family settled in Arizona. Ready to venture out of the reporting business he went to work for CenturyLink, making a difference for consumers throughout Arizona. He partnered his expertise and knowledge with his love for Catholic education as represented by his children who are alumni and his wife who taught for years at a Catholic school and decided to work alongside CEA bringing awareness of the value of tax credits to individuals and corporations.

Is it Easy to Direct Tax Credits to CEA?

From a cooperate level, Jeff receives information his tax division regarding the amount of their state liability. Then as a group, Lumen discussed the recipient schools and through a simple electronic transfer, that’s all it takes, ultimately costing the company nothing.

How Do You Vet These Organizations?

If you’re interested in supporting quality education through tax credits, Jeff recommends doing your research and finding reputable places to work with. CEA has made this process easy on both the corporate and personal levels, and ease is a key component of working with these organizations.

Why Should You Contribute Taxes to CEA?

The education children will receive through this process speaks for itself. All parents and students deserve equal opportunities as education is a right, not a privilege. Your civic responsibility would be a driving factor to help create future leaders and our upcoming workforce. This organization strengthens communities and families alike.

What Other Benefits Are There?

At CEA, not only are you contributing the opportunity for a child to receive quality education, but there are statistics to back other fantastic qualities. There is a 99.4% 97% advancement to higher-ed, trade school or military service, and 100s of service hours are worked each year for the betterment of the community.

Catholic Education Arizona makes changing the lives of children easy through the direction of the private education tax credits. If you want to learn more about this process or learn more about Lumen Technologies, give Catholic Education Arizona a call today!