The connections we create within our communities are what make us truly feel like we are at home. For Paul Mulligan, President and CEO at Catholic Charities of Arizona, those connections were founded within the church. Today, he continues to build relationships while improving the lives of those in need in Arizona. Mulligan discusses his non-profit history, as well as Arizona’s charitable tax credits with CEA President and CEO, Nancy Padberg, and CEA’s Chief Development Officer, Deb Preach.

The Power of Tax Credits

While the benefits associated with Arizona’s tuition tax credits may be old news to some, many have still yet to be educated on the topic. Mulligan says, “A lot of folks are moving here, and this is a totally foreign concept … You are in the business of constantly selling the tax credit to people who say, ‘This sounds too good to be true. We do not do this back in my state.'” Mulligan makes an excellent point. Unfortunately, not all states can be as lucky as Arizona residents when it comes to tax credits.

Citizens living in Arizona have what Mulligan describes as a superpower. They can direct tax credits, which would have already been deducted and given to the state, to specific charitable organizations such as Catholic Charities and Catholic Education Arizona. Mulligan remarks, “There is a public school tax credit if you care about public schools, right? … But you can park it into a Catholic school of your choice. That is a superpower.”

Arizona residents can determine not only which organization their tax credits go toward, but even which school. If you are passionate about a specific Catholic school, then you have the ability to provide aid to that institution. According to the Center for Education Reform, 99% of students who attend Catholic high school will graduate. 86% of those students go on to attend a 4-year college.

On the Topic of Stacking Credits

Once you have understood the basics of directing your tax credits, you may want to maximize the good that you are doing. By stacking tax credits, you can contribute to more than one organization. Preach explains, “I like to think of it as my ability as a taxpayer to support multiple causes that are near and dear to my heart without it costing me any additional money out-of-pocket.”

Should you want to support Catholic Charities, you have the ability to do so. Should you want to support other organizations that they contribute to, you have the ability to do so. Mulligan says, “We also have an affiliate organization called Housing for Hope. This is where we build all our affordable housing. There is a huge need.”

Feeling eager to learn more? Reach out to Catholic Education Arizona today to learn more about how you can make the most of your tax credit contributions.