Share with us about Southwest Environmental Testing? 

Southwest Environmental (SWE) was developed in 1998 to provide manhole vacuum-testing and repair services to manhole manufacturers/installers and pipeline companies. Southwest Environmental assisted ADEQ in developing and implementing the vacuum test standard of ASTM 1244 in Arizona. Since 1998, Southwest Environmental (SWE) has not strayed from providing manhole, lift station, and pipeline services to the Waste Water/Wet Utility industry in Arizona, from installation of new sanitary and storm drain manholes and wet wells to the rehabilitation and protection of existing sewer structures and treatment plants. The leader in manhole installation, protection, and rehabilitation, SWE concentrates its efforts in assisting municipalities and collection system owners in renewing their aging sanitary sewer infrastructure, developing assessment/inspection programs, and offering new technologies and products to combat sewer corrosion.

How Easy Is It to Implement Arizona Corporate Tax Credits?

Arizona corporate tax credits for education are a great way to help underserved students receive the quality education that every child deserves. Participation in the Arizona corporate tax credits for Catholic educations is simple.

How Does Catholic Education Impact the Lives of Students?

Catholic education for students, Robyn says, gives them the tools they need to live and work with intention. Catholic education also provides students with opportunities to serve others in their community. Catholic school students perform service hours throughout the country. In Iowa, Nancy says, students shovel sidewalks and driveways for the elderly in inclement weather. In Arizona, Deb added, students raise funds to help refugee families and veterans through Catholic Charities and others through St. Vincent de Paul.

As a parent, Robyn feels that Catholic schools enable parents to feel confident knowing that their kids are receiving the necessary support, character development and value-centered education they want their children to receive in addition to what they learn at home. Being able to support students as a business owner through dollar for dollar tax credits is a worthwhile cause that changes lives, and Robyn models this for other businesses by speaking at CEA events to educate taxpayers.

What’s the Process of Implementing Tax Credits?

The process of taking tax credits for Catholic education is easy. Business owners complete a Corporate Commitment form and return it to Catholic Education Arizona. The CEA team takes care of the rest, and is happy to walk you through  completion of the form and answer any questions you may have.

Why Would Businesses Redirect Their Taxes?

As a business owner, you’re taxed by the state regardless of whether you choose to utilize tax credits or not. By redirecting your tax dollars to Catholic Education Arizona, you’re able to choose where your  tax dollars go and know that your taxes are having a direct, positive impact on children in your community.

As a child, many students aren’t aware of the financial struggles that their parents endure to ensure they receive a quality education. As a parent and a business owner, Robyn says she’s able to give back not only to the schools that helped her as a child but also to other parents who may be struggling. Relieving that stress creates a better home environment for kids and a better learning environment at school.

What’s more, by directing your tax dollars to tuition scholarships, you’re getting a great return on investment because students not only give service hours dedicated to improving the community but Catholic schools also have an impressive graduation rate of 99.4%, with 97% of graduates continuing on to college, the military, and trade school. That’s a great win for business owners who rely on those students as the future American workforce.

If you’re interested in contributing your tax dollars to Catholic Education Arizona, you can learn more and begin your journey to creating future leaders by visiting the Catholic Education Arizona website at or by contacting the office at (602) 218-6542.