Dear CEA and Contributors,

CEA has afforded us the opportunity to send my daughter to a school through their scholarship. I would not be able to afford to send my daughter to St. Michael Indian school on my own.

A Catholic education is a solid and firm education. It instills discipline and emphasizes the importance of integrity and having a hard work ethic for students. Finally, it helps students achieve more and motivates them to pursue their dreams as the learn and grow. I have three older children who are alumni of St. Michael’s Indian school. Back when they attended school, I was more financially set to afford tuition costs. My youngest daughter wanted to follow in her siblings’ footsteps and attend St. Michael’s Indian school, but I was unsure how I would be able to make this dream a possibility until I learned about the scholarship opportunities. I asked many questions about how to fund her catholic education to the school and they pointed me into the direction of the many scholarship resources available to us. I filled out every form I could to get my youngest into this amazing school. She is now beginning 9th grade and we are incredibly grateful.

Thank God for the people who unselfishly help provide assistance for a child to get a better, higher quality education. I cannot put into words to properly express my gratitude for the help given to my child. Don’t stop now, you’re investing into our future, even a dollar of your AZ state tax credit can make a difference in a child’s educational life, the results will show soon enough. Thank you again and may God richly bless all who help with this scholarship.

Proud dad of the beautiful young lady in the picture