CEA has helped make an education at XCP possible for our daughter.  We weren’t sure if we could afford it all on our own after many years in public schools. After learning more about how our daughter’s dyslexia qualified for a disabled displaced category, we knew we could take care of the rest.  The difference has been that our daughter has the personal attention and small class sizes she truly needs.

The education at XCP means a great deal to our family – the traditions, the outstanding faculty and staff along with the athletic focus are exactly what we want for our daughter.

This opportunity is so important for our daughter as her public school education was fine, but not outstanding.  She tells us almost weekly the difference her XCP experience is making in her own life.

We can’t thank those who support CEA enough.  There are so many kinds of families with different types and levels of need.  For our family, the added support of CEA has given us the financial confidence to know our daughter will have a Xavier College Prep education all four years.