Name, Catholic School(s) attended, years graduated

  • Eric Barkyoumb
  • Christ the King Catholic School (K-8)
  • Seton Catholic Preparatory (HS)


I’m an East Valley native and love this beautiful State of ours.  My wife, Gillean, and I are both products of Catholic education and both attended the same elementary school and high school.  I live in Gilbert with Gillean and our two beautiful daughters, Emma and Brynn.  We’re excited to welcome our third child – a son – in September of this year!

What impact did Catholic schools have on you and your family? 

Catholic schools were a blessing to me and my family.  My mother, Linda Barkyoumb, has worked for the Diocese of Phoenix for many years, and we were lucky enough to have her work at the Parish where we attended elementary school (Christ the King).  Catholic school provided a safe, supportive and structured environment for us to learn and grow, with special attention from faculty and clergy.

Why was the opportunity to attend Catholic School important to you?

Catholic school provided me with so many wonderful opportunities.  First, I was surrounded by other children who came from families with values that we shared.  Second, a smaller school community allowed me to thrive and try new things, including sports and even theatre.  Lastly, a more intimate learning environment gave me a chance to receive more specialized attention, which I benefitted from immensely.


After high school I went on to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing, with a Minor in Communications, from Arizona State University.  I spent 10+ years working in professional sports in the WNBA, NBA and NFL.  I am currently blessed to work for Dignity Health, where I have the honor of raising funds to support the life-saving work being done at two non-profit Medical Centers in the East Valley – Chandler Regional and Mercy Gilbert.

Future plans: 

I plan to continue to grow in my leadership role here at Dignity Health and look forward to supporting and being a partner to my wife, personally and professionally, and to being present for my children as they explore school, sports and friendships.