Question #1 Parent: How has CEA helped make Catholic education attainable and affordable for your family?

 Education is a fundamental milestone for any individual because it gives the tool to be successful in the future. A catholic education does that and also provides an enrichment of values that will guide the individual to act accordingly to God’s salvation plan.

CEA has made possible for my daughter to receive a valued education that prepares her to rise above any circumstances gaining spiritual and academic knowledge. Our family wouldn’t have been able to provide this education to my daughter without the support of generous people who are preoccupied for the success of Arizona students.

As a family we have strived for the best for our daughters, but unfortunately, sometimes the financial burden makes things hard to accomplish. CEA has given us hope and has supported us in this journey. The scholarship received is a blessing because it helps cover the tuition cost so we can afford our daughter’s wish to attend Xavier College Preparatory.

Question #2 Student: What does a Catholic education mean to you and your family? 

A catholic education to me means something important and great. Catholic education is not like any other education. It is more on point and more of a more understanding education. Teachers who teach at any school with Catholic education are very good at their jobs because of the way they teach. They are more determined to help one success and get prepared for what comes later on in the future.

Catholic education to me is basically like giving me an opportunity to be able to do many things with great knowledge. To my family, it really does help them as well because it helps them not only get used to what it’s like to have a good education, but to also help teach them a few things for themselves. What I mean by that is they can learn what there is to exactly expect when their child goes to college. High schools that are like college preparations really do help one get a taste of college. So to my family and I, catholic education is a blessing to have and an opportunity to succeed in life.

Question #3 Student: Why is this opportunity important to you?

The opportunity to be at Xavier College Preparatory is truly a great honor. It has helped my family members and now it is helping me. The opportunity to be here is important to me because it is giving me a chance to be able to achieve what it is that I want to achieve. All my goals and plans couldn’t have been supported if it hadn’t been for the chance to prove myself for the work and passion I’m determined to give and show. I believe this opportunity is truly a blessing to myself and others that I may be able to help on the way, the same way this opportunity is helping me.

I believe being able to get the education I need and the success of me graduating will make others realize that being given this option is a way to save yourself. So many families struggle with their child getting a good education and not just any other education. I am grateful to be in Xavier College Preparatory. As stated before, I am grateful to be given this opportunity to succeed. With many others who have gotten the help of one to be able to succeed with a good education, honors, etc. others will see how this can actually help one to become successful in the future.

Question #4 Family: How would you thank those that have helped make your education possible through their state tax dollars and encourage them to continue to support Catholic Education Arizona?

We are truly thankful for the support and generosity of all donors to Catholic Education. Words cannot fully describe how we feel, but our actions can be proof of the commitment we have to support our child during her school days and beyond in life.

As a way of thinking for our supporters we will share the benefits and advantages of a Catholic education to all people we know so we can spread the love for raising children with family values, strong religion, hard work, and generosity.

Education can make a big impact in society, so it’s important to prepare young minds with all the tools they will need to be people of change. A society where its citizens work hard and do their jobs according to religious beliefs can flourish and make the world a better place to live.

We can also thank our supporters for making it possible to attend a catholic school by making sure the funds they have donated are well used for the purposes planned. We will look for other ways of private funding to give opportunities to more children to receive funds from CEA and private organizations.

We hope that in the near future we could also be part of this group of generous people, and we could support other young children who deserve a better education. Thank you so much for all your help.