Dear Fellow Families,

What an honor it is to be able to write about the wonderful experience our family has had with Catholic Education Arizona. I do not believe there are enough pages for the praise that I could bestow upon the group of people who are the driving force behind this organization. Deb Preach is a wonderful spirit and she is one of the most kind and helpful persons I have ever met.

As a parent, CEA has helped our family make Catholic education attainable and affordable through the various supports and scholarships that they offer. As a single mom of two (2), it is very tough making ends meet at times. However, having a Catholic-Based education is one of the most important gifts that I could give to my child as she looked into what high school she should attend. Without Deb’s knowledge, guidance, and support, I am not sure it would have been possible for my daughter to attend a Catholic High School.

My name is Finley, and I am a freshman at Seton College Preparatory High School. Being able to have a private school education allows me to explore all of the studies and curriculum that I want, but more importantly, being at a Catholic school gives me the chance to learn more about God and Jesus. This has allowed me the opportunity to build a strong foundation with our Lord now and in my future.

It is so important to me as a freshman to establish my grounding in high school early on, and to have the opportunity to build my relationships with God and Jesus firmly as I transition into adulthood. By being given the opportunity to attend Seton, CEA has supported me in my education and faith to grow with God.

There are no words to express the gratitude and thanks our family has to all of those who have helped make my daughter’s education possible. Private schooling is expensive and instead of only allowing a faith-based education be available to only those wealthy enough to afford it, tCEA and their partners gave our family the encouragement we needed to explore a Catholic High School education. CEA helped us in  every way possible to make it affordable. Through your state tax dollars, donations and support through CEA , you have made a dream come true for our family. It is our intention to give back to CEA, and all those involved, to help make more families dream come true through our continued support of  the tax credit opportunity with Catholic Education Arizona.

Thank you again for everything. Your Blessings and kindness will be in our hearts and prayers always.

Blessings always,
Jennifer, parent
Finley, student