The Melina Family from Sts. Simon and Jude

Question 1: As a parent, how has CEA helped make Catholic education attainable and affordable for your family?

“With the help of CEA the cost of Catholic Education tuition is affordable for our family.  Catholic education is and can be affordable though the generous tax contributions of Arizona families. Without the help of CEA, we would not be able to send our child to Catholic school. The cost of school is dramatically reduced without sacrificing the necessities.”

Question 2: As a student, what does a Catholic education mean to you?

“Having the opportunity to receive a Catholic Education means I can learn Catholic things like going to church, praying, and learning about Jesus, God, and the twelve disciples.”

Question 3: From a family perspective, how would you thank those that have helped make your education possible through their state tax dollars and encourage them to continue to support Catholic Education Arizona?

“Living in Arizona is remarkable and with the help of the many families who participate in the CEA Tax Credit, our family can choose the right education for our child. We feel it is important for our child to learn morals and values from a Catholic perspective; for that we thank everyone that contributes to make Catholic education possible for our family. THANK YOU, ARIZONA!”