“As a single parent with two children without CEA my children would not be able to go and get a Catholic education without some sort of assistance. With the aid from CEA my children are going to STA and love being able to be a part of that community. I appreciate not being worried about being able to have affordable Catholic education. I am also a public school teacher and see the importance of this opportunity!

My daughter shared that Catholic education is important to her because it is her family. She loves going to school and being a part of the Catholic school environment. She loves being part of her school and has grown so close to everyone there. She loves learning about God and being part of mass every week. She does not want to be anywhere else.

If we could thank those who gave the donations I believe that I would honestly cry. They have no idea what impact they are making in my daughter’s life nor mine. It is really a miracle that she is getting this amazing education and support system from Catholic schools. Words cannot express our appreciation for this. I love Catholic Education and it means a lot!”

– The Jancoski Family