“The CEA scholarships we have received have made it possible for us to watch our oldest daughter begin flourishing in her Catholic school environment. While we did not start at a Catholic school, midway through her kindergarten year, we knew we had to make a change from where she was at. When we found St. Joseph’s Catholic School, we knew it was worth a try, even though tuition is $5,000 a year.  CEA made it feasible for us. Immediately our sweet girl began thriving. She will be heading into 2nd grade in the fall. The private faith-based school setting feels like family. Her class size is small and she has close friendships with these kids who embraced her when she started kindergarten halfway through the school year. We love the teachers and the administration. It is a school where my daughter feels safe, valued, and known.  She is appropriately challenged and is able to receive one-on-one support when she needs it. We really can’t say enough about the school or the people who make it possible for us to keep our daughter there!

For these reasons, we are enrolling our second daughter in kindergarten at St. Joseph’s Catholic School this coming fall. She has watched her big sister comes home with stories from school, and she has met many of the teachers and students. Her eyes light up when we ask if she’s excited to start kindergarten because she is looking forward to having the same wonderful experiences as her sister.

With two of our children enrolled full time, the tuition will be $10,000 ($5,000 per child) for the year. We know that St. Joseph’s is worth the cost of tuition, but that doesn’t mean that we’re able to make it happen on our own. We so appreciate the support of CEA to make possible the amazing education our children receive.

We have toured almost every school in our area and spent many hours weighing information about other options. Ultimately, we’ve found that there is no comparable school for our kids. The private school setting at St. Joseph’s Catholic School provides small class sizes, a family feel, clear and appropriate discipline, quality education, a safe environment, and a community of faith-based learning that will help us raise our children to become intelligent, kind, compassionate adults who know how to use their talents and skills, not just for their own betterment, but to make the world around them better by loving and helping other people in Jesus’ name. Thank you again for supporting our family! It means the world to us!”

– The Lockard Family