“We cannot begin to express to those who have helped make our family’s Catholic education possible how grateful we are for their contributions. We know it requires time, effort, and a trust that the money is being used wisely, and we thank you for your investment of all three of these things.

We can assure you that the Catholic education you have helped make possible for our family has provided not only an excellent academic education, but so many other amazing opportunities: sacraments, sports, music, drama, clubs, ambassador programs, service projects, and many others.

Even more importantly, it has created a huge increase in our whole family’s faith and spirituality; a commitment to sacrifice and service; a spirit of gratitude and appreciation. We truly believe that what our entire family has learned, the friendships we have all made, the evangelization we have received (and learned to give) – all are priceless gifts. Catholic education has accomplished the goals of successfully creating in our girls confident learners, strong leaders, and well-rounded students who are well-prepared for higher education. However, it has done so much more by accomplishing the goals of creating in our girls, and their parents, a love for their faith, an understanding of the true Jesus Christ, and preparation of our souls for eternity.”

– The Ramirez Family