Sacred Heart Catholic School, Prescott, AZ

Question #1: Parent: How has CEA helped make Catholic education attainable and affordable for your family?

“For our family, we wouldn’t be able to send our kids to a Catholic School without the help of CEA. It is challenging when you have a big family on one income to be able to afford a Catholic Education. We want what’s best for our children. We couldn’t send our children to a Catholic School without the scholarships and the Tax Credit!”

Questions #2: Student: What does a Catholic education mean to you?

“It’s important because my sisters and I learn about God, Jesus, the Catholic Church and why it’s important to be a good Catholic person!”

Question #3: Family together: How would you thank those that have helped make your education possible through their state tax dollars and encourage them to continue to support Catholic Education Arizona?

“We would love to say thank you to each one of you who have redirected your state tax liability to CEA because without you, we couldn’t give our kids a great education! It’s important to get a good education, but it’s very important to our family to get a great Catholic education. Because of you, we have the opportunity to give our kids the best chance possible for their future!”