How has CEA helped make Catholic education attainable and affordable for your family?

We cannot thank Catholic Education Arizona enough for their assistance in helping fund a Catholic education for our daughter, Anjaliyah Alvarez. With my wife battling illness for more than 20 years along with my stepdaughter and grandson moving back into our house, the funding you provided is greatly needed. Last year with your support, we were able to help our daughter continue to get her education while also assisting my stepdaughter and grandchildren in finding a home for themselves.

What does a Catholic education mean to your daughter?

Through your support, Anjaliyah has had the opportunity to receive an outstanding education that is rooted in our faith. She understands the gift you are giving her and is utilizing this help to make the best of her time in Catholic school. She has been on High School Honor Roll with a 3.8 GPA her Sophomore year 2018/2019. This year she is taking AP courses and receiving college credit. She is a devoted Catholic and continues to attend mass every Sunday at the Catholic elementary school she graduated from.

How would you thank those that have helped make your education possible through their state tax dollars and encourage them to continue to support Catholic Education Arizona?

Thank you for your continuous support on providing my daughter, Anjaliyah Alvarez, with your generous scholarship funding. The support you provide is not only helping Anjaliyah, but my entire family. Now with Covid-19, the challenges are getting harder this year for us, but my faith in the Lord gives me hope and allows me to know we’ll make it through the year. We are so proud of our daughter and we are very grateful to all the contributors that have made her education possible for us. Merry Christmas to CEA and all the contributors that are gifting hope, a quality education, a Catholic foundation, and love for others through your contribution. May God bless you and yours.