Hello, my name is Matthew Andres. My wife and I have two children that attend Catholic schools here in Phoenix, a freshman at Notre Dame Prep and a fourth grade at St John XXIII. The tuition we pay for Archer and Avery is an investment for their futures. Our kids have attended Catholic schools since preschool. The quality of education and moral foundation they receive is invaluable. The financial support we receive from CEA has been amazing as we would be hard-pressed to afford it otherwise with one of our children now in high school.

We are particularly thankful to have our kids enrolled in Catholic schools this year as they have largely remained open through the storm the pandemic has wrought. Because of the pandemic, the schools have been unable to raise funds to the degree they have in the past. Gatherings such as auctions and galas have been canceled. This has put a dent in fund raising making your support of CEA that much more valuable.

I would ask that if you have the means, to please support CEA as much as you are able. When you support CEA, you support ours and so many other families. Please know that all of us here in the Andres household are incredibly appreciative of your generosity. We believe in the mission of CEA and we too financially support CEA with our tax dollars.