CEA has helped my family make my daughters education attainable and affordable with the scholarships provided to myself. A Catholic education means a lot to myself and my family. This was something that I was unable to get, and I truly wanted to be apart of this when I had my child. I was concerned with the cost and how I could afford to send her, until I found scholarship opportunities such as CEA. I was scared I would not get funding and once I was awarded the stress was quickly changed to excitement that I could continue sending my child to St. Gregory school with the great staff and community there. I want to thank everyone involved in making my child’s education future brighter and a mom very happy that she can continue sending her daughter to such a great school where she will get taught many things especially importance of her faith and God. God bless everyone.

Monique Cruz
Daughter: Scarlet Smith 2nd Grader at St. Gregory School