Question #1 for Parent: “How has CEA helped make Catholic education attainable and affordable for your family? 

Our son, who is now a high school senior, has been in Catholic school since he was a freshman. We now have a daughter beginning her freshman year at the same Catholic school. Our family experienced a substantial reduction in income due to a job change in 2019 and with having two children in private school we were concerned about how we were going to afford the tuition for both of them. The tuition scholarship award we were given by CEA in 2020 couldn’t have come at a better time. The award has allowed us to keep both children in Catholic school and relieved so much of the stress and concern we were experiencing over our financial situation. We are incredibly grateful to CEA and all of the contributors that helped make these scholarships possible for our family. You are making a difference in our lives and creating positive impacts in our community.

Question #2 for Student: What does a Catholic education mean to you and your family?

A Catholic education means being educated in a faith community with a belief in God combined with academic excellence. We are challenged, positively, to achieve high academic standards within the framework of principles, morals, and spirituality of a Catholic school. My family and I are very grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

Question #3 for Student: Why is this opportunity important to you?

This opportunity is important to us because it allows us to attend an excelling high school where we can grow in our faith and where we will have a superb education to prepare us for a successful college career and beyond. This scholarship means so much to us and our future.

Question #4 for Family: How would you thank those that have helped make your education possible through their state tax dollars and encourage them to continue to support Catholic Education Arizona?

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank every tax credit contributor who has made it possible for us to receive this tuition scholarship. It has blessed our family and financial situation. We encourage you to continue providing your support because it is a tremendous aid to many families in need of tuition assistance. It’s a way to help others attain an invaluable education and make a difference in someone’s life.