Sincerely Grateful For CEA – The Gatica Family Thanks Individual and Corporate Contributors that Redirect Their State Tax Dollars to Support Families Like Theirs Through the Private Education Tax Credit! 

The CEA scholarship has made such an impact on my family! This scholarship has allowed me to provide an amazing Catholic education for my children. I am so incredibly thankful for this scholarhsip through Catholic Education Arizona.  By simply re-directing your state taxes, people are providing families, like mine, the opportunity to send their children to Catholic schools in Arizona. I desire a Catholic Education for my children because it keeps religion close to heart and the smaller classrooms allow my children to get the one-on-one help that they might need. 

Oldest Daughter: “My family is so happy we have the choice to go to a Catholic school.  We believe that an education that includes God is a wonderful opportunity.

Son: “I am very blessed to be able to go to a Catholic school.  This opportunity is important to me because I want to continue to learn about God and live a holy life.

Without this scholarship I wouldn’t be able to afford a Catholic Education for my family. I truly do appreciate ALL who have made this scholarship possible, you have no idea how much stress you take off of families every year! We pray that people will continue to direct their state tax dollars to CEA so that many more children here in Arizona can have the opportunity to receive the incredible gift of a Catholic education like my children have.  Thank you!

Arizona’s private education tax credit empowers individuals and corporations to choose what their tax dollars support and greatly impact Catholic school families. Rather than writing a check to the state of Arizona, you can be one of many to redirect your tax credits to support scholarship funding for families like the Gatica family. To learn more about tax credit contritibutions through CEA or to make your tax credit contribution today, you can call us at 602-218-6542 or go to

Sincerely Grateful, 

The Gatica Family