How has CEA helped make Catholic education attainable and affordable for your family?

CEA has helped make Catholic education attainable and affordable for my family in many ways. I have to admit that this has been a scary venture for me because I am a public school teacher with a modest salary. I know that a Catholic education is a better fit for my daughter, but the tuition cost made me question my decision to move my daughter from a public school to a Catholic school. My biggest fear is not being able to afford a Catholic education for my daughter. I am so grateful to CEA and everyone who makes this possible through their state tax dollars. You are the reason my daughter is able to attend the school that is the best fit for her. I know she deserves the chance at a Catholic education and I will forever be grateful to all of you!

What does a Catholic education mean to you and your family?

I believe that some students are a better fit for private institutions and I know that I am one of those students. I have become an even better student and my faith has helped all of us grow closer to God. My love of God and academic success will fully blossom with the continued gift of a Catholic School Education. Thank you for all that you do to make the dream of a quality Catholic education come true.

Why is this opportunity important to you?

I have always been very determined, but during my 6th grade year at Saint Thomas the Apostle, everything fell into place for me. I grew closer to God, and became an even better student. This is how I know that a Catholic Education is the perfect fit for me.

How would you thank those that have helped make your education possible through their state tax dollars and encourage them to continue to support CEA?

Thank you to all of the CEA state tax donors. You are growing, inspiring, and shaping the future of our state. Your generosity is appreciated more than words can express.

Thank you for reading our Testimonial! Anabella appreciates everything you do to make her Catholic Education possible and I thank you for giving her the gift of a quality Catholic Education.

Thank you,
Michelle Rohde