How Catholic Education Arizona is Making a Difference

The Rohde Family

I am so grateful to CEA and everyone who makes this possible through their state tax dollars. You are the reason my daughter is able to attend the school that is the best fit for her. I know she deserves the chance at a Catholic education and I will forever be grateful to all of you!

The Robertson Family

I want to say thank you for your donations and let them know that it is going for a good cause. I plan on continue with my Catholic education by, hopefully, attending Notre Dame Preparatory prep. I like that their patron saint is Mary and that they have so many service opportunities. Thank you again.

The Bigg Family

It has always been our dream to have our daughter attend a school of her choice which focuses on faith, educational excellence, and community bonding. Catholic Education Arizona has made education attainable and affordable for the many needy families like mine.

The Wilmowski Family

CEA has allowed our children to go to a Catholic school with daily Mass, confession, and teachers that are faithful and practicing Catholics by allowing others to direct their tax credit towards our children's cost for school. We are blessed!

The Tom Family

Since we have the scholarship, resources we had put aside for my child are helping us with other resources such as tutors, a desk, personal computer, and help online-- all of these with the saved money! This would not have been possible and more difficult if we did not have a CEA scholarship.

The Trichel Family

How has CEA helped make Catholic education attainable and affordable for your family? CEA has been a blessing to our family! We have 6 beautiful girls, 5 of them currently in Catholic school. CEA funds help lower our tuition so we are able to continue sending all of our children [...]