How Catholic Education Arizona is Making a Difference

Thank You from the Torrie Family

"As a single parent of three on a fixed income, I never thought it was possible to send my children to these schools. However, CEA and the generosity of donors made it a reality. After attending St. Louis the King, my daughter graduated from Bourgade Catholic High School this year and started at ASU on a full academic scholarship. She is the first in our family to attend college."

Thank You from the Melina Family

"Living in Arizona is remarkable and with the help of the many families who participate in the CEA Tax Credit, our family can choose the right education for our child. We feel it is important for our child to learn morals and values from a Catholic perspective; for that we thank everyone that contributes to make Catholic education possible for our family. THANK YOU, ARIZONA!”

Thank You from The Sullivan Family

"Catholic schools are so important to us because if you think about it, our kids are spending the majority of their day in someone else's care. Their minds are molded and shaped by people they spend their time with. Yes, parents are the primary educators of their children, but isn't it nice to know that in a Catholic school we are supported by like-minded people who share the same morals as we do?"

Thank You from the Pham Family

“CEA is a window of opportunity to catholic students. Without this foundation, there is no better place to teach our kids the values of faith, dignity, and morality in catholic core. For the last 8 year, my son can not attend catholic school without CEA financial assistance. Our tax dollars [...]