Dear Friends,

We at Catholic Education Arizona, along with our stakeholders in parishes, individual and corporate contributors and with the Board of Directors, honor our school administrators, faculties and staff as they graduate the Class of 2022! Truly our future leaders! Thank you for all your hard work, care, faith and expertise in truly changing lives. We salute you!

Did you know the following about our Catholic Schools? 

  • 99.4% Graduation Rate
  • 97% Matriculate to higher education, trade school or military
  • 1000’s of hours of community service are conducted annually

Our team is working hard to secure Arizona Corporate Tax Credits. It’s easy to participate, and our team can walk you through the process. The commitment form is due to our office by June 30, 2022(no funds due at that time). We will submit applications to AZDOR, notify your businesses once approval is received and work with you to collect payment.

Remember – this is Arizona Tax Liability your company already owes the state. You are simply redirecting it to help underserved students attend one of the 38 Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Phoenix.

We are lucky to live in Arizona, one of 21 states that have tax credit legislation. If you have a friend who owns or works for a company and they pay Arizona corporate taxes – please introduce me via email or phone or 602-218-6542.

Thank you for your support!

God Bless,