Amy Pfiefer, Executive Director of Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona, recently sat down with Nancy Padberg to discuss how their partnership with Catholic Education Arizona changes students’ lives. Amy Pfiefer has 25 years of nonprofit leadership experience and is passionate about supporting students with the tools they need to be successful academically, as well as emotionally, spiritually, socially and with life skills.

History of Boys Hope Girls Hope

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona is an affiliate of an international organization founded by Father Paul Sheridan in the 1970s. His belief is that the most important things that children need are a strong foundation, to be surrounded by positive adult role models, and to have access to a quality education. He began to spread that vision across the country, reaching Phoenix in 1989.

The organization’s focus is working with youth and families who are motivated, who are academically capable, and who have grit, determination, goals, and dreams. Part of those goals for themselves is the goal of a college education. Amy Pfiefer says, “These are just families who are lacking resources or the technical know-how on how to navigate the path to college, which is very competitive when you’re looking for scholarships and support”.

Boys Hope Girls Hope brings young people, as young as sixth grade, into the program and supports them through college graduation.

Boys Hope Girls Hope Partnership with CEA

This organization is 100% privately funded, so Amy knows firsthand how challenging fundraising can be. A core piece of their mission is being able to enroll their scholars in private and college preparatory schools. Amy emphasizes that is it important that they are surrounded by like-minded individuals and where there is a college-going culture. Having 56 youth enrolled in private school is made possible through CEA, because of Arizona’s tax credit program which individuals and corporations can take advantage of.

As Amy explains in the interview, “Individuals and corporations have the opportunity to direct a portion of their Arizona state tax liability to a school tuition organization like Catholic Education Arizona, and know that it’s designated for education for hardworking, underserved students, under-resourced students, who want nothing more than an opportunity to have this education and being in this environment and to be able to thrive”.

For more information on how to direct state tax liabilities towards funding education for students like the Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona scholars, contact Catholic Education Arizona today.