Grand Canyon University and Catholic Education Arizona share many of the same values. Both entities believe in dedicating time and resources toward helping students receive the high-quality education that they want and deserve.

With the help of partners like GCU, CEA is one of the state’s Catholic charities that use directed tax dollars to fund Catholic scholarships. In this podcast, Dr. Peter Morkert — Director of Outreach for GCU — discusses the benefits of Arizona’s tax credits for both individuals and corporations.

Making Corporate Social Responsibility a Priority

Morkert suggests that a majority of the time, business owners do not think twice about where their tax funds are going. Often, this lack of consideration is because business owners do not know that an option to direct those dollars exists.

He states, “What we have here in Arizona is an incredible opportunity for corporations … to specifically direct their tax dollars in a way that can benefit a child, children, families. That is very unique and not necessarily available in other parts of our country.”

Morkert explains how tax credit programs provide an opportunity for businesses to take control of their taxes. They can contribute to causes that they believe in and that will affect positive change in their communities. He says, “I would urge business owners to really think about, ‘Do I want to have a voice? Do I want to have a say as to where my tax dollars are going or am I going to blindly pay it to the state?’”

Supporting Catholic Education Is a Risk-Free Investment

Catholic Education Arizona is able to do so much because of generous tax contributions. Some may be shocked to learn that, according to McCoy Cejka, “$268 million in tuition scholarships have been awarded to children through Catholic Education Arizona over the course of the last 23 years. Much of that is thanks to partners like Grant Canyon University.”

Every directed tax dollar counts towards making a family’s dreams come true. According to the Center for Education Reform, 99% of students who attend Catholic schools at a high-school level will graduate. Of those students, 86% go on to attend a 4-year college. Contributing corporations are truly making an investment in the futures of the children in Arizona.

As Grand Canyon University can attest, CEA makes it easy to direct tax dollars. McCoy-Cejka explains, “We have a finance manager named Caitlin, who used to work for the Department of Revenue. She knows the ins and outs of tax credits individual and corporate tax credits.”

For more information on how you, as an individual or as a business owner, can direct your tax dollars, reach out to Catholic Education Arizona today!