Eric Olsen — Founder and CEO of Fasturtle Digital — has made the decision as a parent to send his children to Catholic schools and as a business owner to contribute to Catholic causes where he can. He discusses his company’s values and his values as a parent on Catholic Education Arizona’s podcast, Creating Future Leaders, alongside CEA President and CEO Nancy Padberg.

Going the Extra Mile

While running his digital marketing agency, Olsen prioritizes customer experience. He states, “When [clientele] come in, it is treating them as if they were your family.” His employees give extra thought to the websites they make to increase their clients’ online presence. He encourages employees to “Think of this website as if it were your mom’s or dad’s … Go that extra step.”

Olsen does what he can in both his personal and professional life to get people where they want to be. He asks himself, “As a parent, as an owner of a company, how can I put either my kids or my employees in the best position to succeed in life?”

For his children, which meant giving them a Catholic education, and he believes that the results speak for themselves. “What I’ve seen, as far as the growth of my kids, over the years, is just incredible. The empathy that these kids have for their fellow students, for our relatives, the way that they conduct themselves is what it comes down to,” he shares. The experience that his children have had in Catholic schools only affirms for Olsen that directing his business’ tax dollars is the right thing to do.

Getting the Word Out About Tax Credits

What kept Olsen from directing tax dollars to Catholic organizations sooner? The same thing that prevents plenty of other business owners from contributing — a lack of awareness. Many business owners do not know that, come tax season, they can choose where their tax dollars go. Olsen explains, “I fully believe that we need to … give back to the church and give back to the different programs that help build our community. I always did that on a personal level and really didn’t look at it as something that my company could really do.”

Padberg says that this is common. People may know about individual tax credits but are uninformed about corporate tax credits. She says, “We’re trying to get the word out that corporations can make a difference. They can help build future leaders. They can give a child a chance.”

It is not just bigger corporations that have the opportunity to effect positive change. Padberg notes that CEA receives tax dollars directed from smaller businesses like law offices and dental practices. Olsen believes, “We all should be, as business owners, educated on different opportunities that are out there as we continue to grow and have success and have the blessings that are there.”

According to the Alliance for Catholic Education, about 1 in 10 U.S. students attends a Catholic school. If you want your tax dollars to fund Catholic scholarships for students in Arizona, then do not hesitate to reach out to CEA to learn more!