Having served the Diocese of Phoenix for the last 17 years, Father Fred Adamson dedicates his life to helping people grow their relationships with Christ. Coming from a background in the healthcare industry, he empathizes with the hardships that individuals face daily and seeks to offer peace of mind in his position as the Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia.

Father Fred joined Catholic Education Arizona‘s (CEA’s) own President and CEO — Nancy Padberg — for a discussion on how Catholic education is creating brighter pathways for today’s youth.

The Influence of Catholic Education

When asked about the strengths of Arizona’s Catholic schools, he recognizes the significance of building faith from a young age. ‘I think taking a Catholic identity and helping a young person and partnering with a parish to develop that fully, is really a gift,’ he says. He discusses further how the influence of faith-based teaching encourages children to reach their full potential within their communities. ‘They become very active, and they become leaders in various ways within many industries,’ he claims.

Padberg inquires about how Father Fred believes the relationship between the Diocese of Phoenix and Arizona Catholic schools has changed over the years. He states that the connection between the church and school staff has become more notable, and acknowledges the hard work put in every day by teachers and administrators. He says, ‘There’s a huge connection, or I guess, a relationship with our educators, our teachers, and our administrators who are so important — understanding that they’re the ones that are on the ground making such a difference in these young people’s lives.’

How Catholic Scholarships Are Made Possible

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, as of 2019, about 5.8 million students attended private schools. Not all of those attending Arizona’s Catholic schools would have been able to without the help of tax credit scholarships. Padberg elaborates, ‘Parents who wish to send their children to Catholic schools depend on tax credit scholarships to help with tuition, we assist about 45% of Catholic school families with scholarships.’

Father Fred says he informs parents of the opportunities to use their tax credits for good, amazed at how much good can be done with so little effort. ‘It seems like it’s too good to be true,’ he says. ‘When I hear the percentage of those young people who are getting almost their full tuition paid, it really does make a big difference for those parents and those children in the long run.’

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