Coming from a background in finance and accounting, Kevin Strayton understands how great of a need there is for financial assistance when it comes to Catholic education. Strayton worked with companies like AT&T Wireless before realizing that he wanted his career to be more centered on helping those who want a better education. Strayton sat down with Catholic Education Arizona’s Deb Preach to discuss how his company, FAIR, does just that.

What Does FAIR Do?

Financial Aid Independent Review (FAIR) works with school tuition organizations, as well as independent Catholic schools across the nation. They review available finances and analyze the best way forward with tuition dollars. “What we do is provide assistance to schools in determining financial aid so that they can best utilize their available award dollars and make sure that every family has an opportunity to attend Catholic school,” says Strayton.

Strayton emphasizes the importance of understanding each family’s tuition payment capabilities. Having thorough knowledge means that you can provide a Catholic education to as many young people as possible. He explains, “I think it’s really important that Catholic Education Arizona and the schools and the families have a third-party vendor who can objectively evaluate each family’s finances independently.”

According to the Nation Center for Education Statistics, 5.8 million students attended U.S. private schools in 2019. With the aid of businesses like FAIR, more students can benefit from a high-quality education at Catholic schools. FAIR does its best to make its online application as straightforward as possible so that anyone can fill it out easily.

Preach exclaims, “Many of our schools use your needs analysis to award their private scholarships throughout their individual schools as well. Your service is just invaluable.”

What Sets Tax Credits in Arizona Apart?

Though other states have tax credit programs, Strayton speaks to what he believes Arizona’s tax credit program has to offer that others might not. He states, “The wonderful part about tax credit scholarships in Arizona is the way that they’re set up, which allows a broad economic group to apply for scholarships.”

He continues, saying “It’s providing assistance to families who are coming from public school to families who may be in a free and reduced lunch situation.”

Both FAIR and the Arizona state tax credit provide opportunities for families that never would have anticipated that their children could receive all that comes with a Catholic education. For more information on the tax credit, and how your family could benefit from it, contact our team at Catholic Education Arizona.