Miranda Maciel, Director Of Admissions and Marketing at Bourgade Catholic High School, felt that her Catholic education was such a gift that she returned to her alma mater — Bourgade Catholic School — to teach. Now, she works for the school as the Director of Marketing and Admissions, helping potential students to have the same rewarding experience that she had. Maciel joined Catholic Education Arizona’s own Colleen McCoy-Cejka recently to discuss how both Bourgade and CEA work to make admission more affordable for potential students.

Proud of Arizona Tax Credits

Receiving a high-quality Catholic education is already made more accessible in the state of Arizona because of tuition tax credits. Taxpayers have the option to direct their tax credits towards organizations like Catholic Education Arizona in order to provide families in need with scholarships to exceptional schools like Bourgade.

McCoy-Cejka speaks to this, saying, “We’ve kind of set the bar for the country. Between Arizona and Florida, it doesn’t get much better than what we can do for families.” This type of financial assistance is unfortunately not always available in other states, but it serves to do so much good in Arizona.

Maciel discusses the tuition tax credits with parents of potential students, telling them, “If you can work with CEA and get your application in on time, it’s about getting those deadlines and planning them out. Don’t be scared that there are so many deadlines.” She explains that learning about the tax credits can be intimidating, but that’s what resources like CEA are for.

A Worthwhile Effort

Maciel knows firsthand how beneficial it is to go through the process of applying for assistance from Catholic Education Arizona and other STOs. When speaking to parents who don’t believe sending their children to Catholic schools is an option, she comments, “My mom thought the same thing. So did my dad. I was that student, and so was my sister, that shouldn’t have been able to afford it, if you look at where our family comes from.”

Validating concerns is key for Maciel. She recognizes the struggle of wanting a better life for your children. According to the Center for Education Reform, 99% of students attending Catholic high schools graduate. Of those students, over 85% will attend a 4-year college. Maciel assures parents and guardians, “It is going to be work, but we can do it together.”

“[Staff members] will meet with you before school after school,” Maciel says. “If you are a parent that gets off work at six o’clock, and you can’t have a phone call until six, they will do that with you.” There are always resources available to determined parents, and CEA is happy to provide both parents and taxpayers with more information on scholarships for Catholic education.